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I am a self-taught photographer that lives to capture the beauty of life and its surroundings... I hope that as you view the images of these galleries that you gain an inspiration to visit some or all of the destinations captured... As a young person; I had always enjoyed taking pictures, sometimes with a unique style such as different angles as you will see in some of my images today... Although Landscape Photography is my main passion; portrait photography came to light for me when a friend asked if I could capture his daughters upcoming wedding in June of 2010... I've been blessed beyond measure to have the opportunity to travel and capture some amazing landscapes, seascapes and architectures in the past eight years... The images on this website have been captured with either my Nikon PS80, Nikon D5000, Nikon D7000, Canon EOS-60D DSLR or SONY ALPHA 7ii digital camera's... I hope that you enjoy the images of this website as much as I enjoy capturing and sharing them with all of you...

"THANKS" for visiting my website gallery and please leave a comment if you wish... Please come back often to view additional images to be added on a regular basis to this site... Also share this site with your friends and family... If you would like to be notified when new albums and images appear on this website; please email me a request to be added to my email list and your email address to:

*A special "THANK YOU" to the following individuals for their support: My amazing friend Sandi Hartwick for sponsoring my travels these past several years, allowing me the opportunity to capture so many incredible images from around the globe... My lifetime friend Deedee Niederhouse-Mandrell ( and her husband Lee Mandrell ( for their mentorship in photography and photoshop..

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    on February 3, 2017

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